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TBM has been providing excellent service for over 7 years. TBM has offered professional porters and staff across many varied shifts with great results. We can be a difficult environment to keep up with, but TBM has always stepped up to the challenge with outstanding effort and always visible solutions. TBM has also been instrumental this past year with total facilities treatment for our COVID-19 situation. They have responded within hours to any incident and have provided dedicated weekly service to prevent further issues.

TBM is a trusted company within this facility and are highly recommended.

Joel O.

Facilities Supervisor

The director of a fitness center got what he paid for when he hired a bargain-rate cleaning company. Club members were complaining of lack of cleanliness within days. Within a week, the director of the center reached out to TBM to clean up the mess he’d gotten himself into.

The day that TBM managers received the site director’s call, a temporary cleaning crew jumped into action and gave the center a detailed cleaning. Two days later, a permanent crew was trained and ready to start daily cleaning service at the facility.

In the end, TBM proved to be the only choice for the facility manager, because Total Building Maintenance provides a level of quality and service that outshines the competition.

TBM cleans up the competition

Total Building Maintenance (TBM) has serviced our company since 2017 when I started here. They have provided our day porters, night cleaning crew, floor services and special event crews. The employees provided for each duty has performed at a very high level of consistency and attention to detail. I would recommend Total Building Maintenance to any company considering them for their janitorial services. Along with having quality employees we have been very happy with their support staff as well.

On the rare occasion that something needs to be addressed it is taken care of in a timely manner and a willingness to make sure our needs are met. Total Building Maintenance (TBM) works well with the odd schedules associated with cleaning a school. They are more than happy work the odd hours needed to accommodate our shifting schedules. In short, you will be very happy with Total Building Maintenance (TBM) if you choose to hire them for any of your Janitorial needs.

Chris Y

Technical Manager

An accounting manager at a local Fortune 500 company realized too late that she’d thrown away confidential financial documents. She called TBM on a Friday evening for emergency help.

Within a half an hour of being notified, TBM’s cleaning crew was at the facility – in the dumpster, searching for the trash bag that contained the documents.

The documents made it back to the client first thing on Monday morning in a pressed and sealed envelope.

TBM digs deep

A TBM client didn’t know what to do when his lobby and office floors began to buckle and separate from the walls.

After a thorough performance review of the client’s TBM cleaning crew and careful inspections of the building, TBM brought in team of engineers that confirmed that the buckling was being caused by shifts in the foundation of the building, and would soon spread to other areas. Thanks to our immediate proactive response, the client was able to avoid potentially dangerous consequences.

TBM protects, even when the floor falls out

A DFW auto dealership approached TBM with a chronically dirty showroom floor that no cleaning specifications existed for. TBM forged new ground and developed a custom, environmentally friendly cleaning regimen that became the best practice for floors made with the same tile at the company’s other locations.

TBM breaks ground with a custom solution

TBM has a personal investment in our organization and the onboarding process.  It’s all about the relationships. I don’t have to worry about their services.  I have high expectations. They go above and beyond to meet expectations.

Mark M.

Just wanted to tell you that we left quite a mess in here last night. The storm hit and left us without power. I left about 50 wet towels in our child watch room along with leaves and debris that had come in under the door. The crew not only cleaned the floors, they gathered all the dirty towels and had them in the laundry room ready to wash when we got power back this morning. All the toilet paper was changed out as well. I was really surprised that even with no light TBM got all their stuff done.

Thank you!!!!

Lynzee T.

TBM provided the most “bang for our buck” with a good reputation. It was a considerable drop in price to what we were paying with corporate standards backing the janitorial staff (ie, we weren’t hiring Sally, we hired a company with a good reputation.) TBM does a great job of keeping our offices clean. They have excellent customer service. Alan is absolutely great in checking in. We have never used a company that checked in as much as you guys. My issues are handled promptly and efficiently. We are pleased with the way things are handled and taken into consideration.

Heather H.

We chose TBM because of their great customer service, attention to detail, and their support for what we do here at Make-A-Wish. They care not only about the well being of our staff, but the health of our wish kids and their families. TBM cares not just about customer satisfaction, but just simply about the customer even more. That is a drastic difference from what I have seen from other vendors including our previous vendor.

Ashley A.

TBM works very efficiently and are great with both students and faculty. They have done a great job in helping with LS satellite composting. They are fast and efficient and have helped us so much.

Chuck T.

During the bidding process, TBM made a difference by providing a personalized approach to complete the proposal exactly the way we needed it. The attention to detail in the proposal provided a sense of security and showed TBM’s business experience. TBM exhibited a team spirit approach, which was critical for our decision. TBM is an extension to our Team and a support entity to accomplish the overall goal of our department. They are a company that will provide a quick, but professional response to all our janitorial and environmental needs. They offer personalized service with excellent quality control protocols, and they are flexible and adaptable to different work environments.

Joseph T.

Winter Ice Storm – TBM was able to respond and help client at multiple locations throughout the DFW Metroplex with water extraction due to busted pipes in all areas of the building. We cleaned up ceiling tiles. Insulation water was up to 7 inches. Response time was under a hour. We did this at 3-4 locations. Some of the locations we do not even clean but helped out, and they stated it looked better then it ever has. We like to leave places better then we find them.  

Todd B.

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