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Business is competition and presentation matters. We believe janitorial services can make a difference and help create an environment where employees thrive and clients feel at home. That’s why Total Building Maintenance has worked so hard to build a team of professionals who sweat the details every day and deliver service you can trust. 

The way we see it, our job is about more than emptying trashcans and sweeping up. Our business is helping your business look its best so you can accomplish great things.

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TBM’s Technology Advantage

Total Building Maintenance uses progressive technology at every step in the process. Our digital Client Management system is efficient and easy with instant account access and real time feedback. We use advanced floor and carpet care techniques and equipment that extend the lifetime value of your floors. Our process for delicate Clean Room and Data Centers is top notch. For clients who are passionate about eco issues, we offer healthy, green solutions that minimize the impact on the environment. And our commitment to ongoing education ensures that our staff are always using the latest, safest techniques to keep your business looking its best.

Finding A Right-Fit Solution

Like the story of the three bears and their porridge, you need to find a janitorial service that is “just right” for your needs. Total Building Maintenance was built to be a better, more balanced model that solves many of the issues common to our industry. The janitorial business is largely populated by three types of companies and they all have their problems. National brands struggle with personalized service. Franchisees pay such high franchise fees that they can only afford high turnover, minimum wage staff. Moms and Pops have limited capacity and often have no liability insurance, leaving their clients exposed. TBM is a regional company with the right balance of size and personal service, led by an experienced team with deep roots in the industry and community. We think we’ve found a better way and our clients agree. TBM is just right.

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Client Success Stories

An accounting manager at a local Fortune 500 company realized too late that she’d thrown away confidential financial documents. She called TBM on a Friday evening for emergency help.

Within a half an hour of being notified, TBM’s cleaning crew was at the facility – in the dumpster, searching for the trash bag that contained the documents.

The documents made it back to the client first thing on Monday morning in a pressed and sealed envelope.

TBM digs deep

A TBM client didn’t know what to do when his lobby and office floors began to buckle and separate from the walls.

After a thorough performance review of the client’s TBM cleaning crew and careful inspections of the building, TBM brought in team of engineers that confirmed that the buckling was being caused by shifts in the foundation of the building, and would soon spread to other areas. Thanks to our immediate proactive response, the client was able to avoid potentially dangerous consequences.

TBM protects, even when the floor falls out

A DFW auto dealership approached TBM with a chronically dirty showroom floor that no cleaning specifications existed for. TBM forged new ground and developed a custom, environmentally friendly cleaning regimen that became the best practice for floors made with the same tile at the company’s other locations.

TBM breaks ground with a custom solution

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