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Kill Germs and Keep Your Office Disinfected

Kill the COVID-19 virus and other germs with regular Electrostatic Disinfecting.

We review your office or manufacturing space requirements for disinfecting. Our team then provides a quote to you based on your frequency for service. It’s not expensive, and it saves you money.

One spray takes much less time that a full-time dedicated staff member continually wiping down all surfaces. Imagine the cost of lost productivity if an employee, much less an entire team, gets sick from spread germs.

Regular disinfecting with the electrostatic on-contact solution protects your team with both the power of the Electrostatic Disinfecting like the Clorox® Total 360® treatment and frequency to kill the virus.

Need cleaning in a flash? No downtime needed! 

Come back to your work area just 20 minutes after we spray.

With coronavirus as a continued threat, our Electrostatic Disinfecting service can keep your workspaces from being overwhelmed with contamination. We kill the virus each time we service your office, workspace and environments.

A sick person can contaminate your work area as well as those around them.

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