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Germs are circulating around us every day. People, hygiene, outside particulates and seasonal flu and cold viruses can be found on surfaces and in workspaces.

Here are 5 common areas that can create sickness in your employees as they collect or circulate germs:

  1. Bathroom hand dryers. It is critical to keep bathroom toilets, urinals, floors and sink areas disinfected, or the viruses and concentrated human waste can become airborne and accumulate.
  2. Desk areas and desktops. With employees continually touching their work surfaces, computers and phones, it is easy to be exposed to viruses, bacteria and dirt.
  3. Elevators and Door Handles. With heavy traffic, elevator buttons, door handles and surfaces become easily contaminated from touch, cough and sneezing of sick people and carriers of viruses.
  4. Carpets and floors. Your staff and customers walking from the outside in will bring dirt containing germs into your work area. This gets trapped in your carpets and contaminates your floors. The 90% of the dirt in your office is contained in your carpets and exposes your personnel to harmful germs.
  5. Break room. The coffee pot handle, refrigerator door, kitchen sink and vending machines have bacteria and viruses from the high touch of people that come in and out of the area. Kimberly-Clark did a microbiology study and found 75% of kitchen sink handles have high levels of contamination.

With threats such as coronavirus and the flu fast approaching, it is critical to have regular disinfecting that kills the virus on contact.  Our Clorox Total 360 system can be set up as a service in all of your high contamination areas. 

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